March & April – Roots, We Grow into the Forest, & THF, London

also at Mile End Art Pavilion on March 22nd. An audio version of the Roots show is here;


March – Equinox, Telegraph Hill Festival, London


Tuesday 20th March at The Telegraph at the Earl of Derby pub, part of Telegraph Hill Festival 2018 – tickets and more information available here.

A new version with life drawing, (optional) audience participation, and sound created live by Sarah Kent.


October – Panic Sermons Act I, Modern Panic VII, London


Sunday 9th October at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, 7:30pm – 11:30pm, for tickets click here. For Facebook event with more details, see here. A new version of Girl in Suitcase, 20 minutes duration, without life drawing.

August – Fragmented Identities exhibition opening, Venice Art House


Fragmented Identities is the 2nd part of BORDERS, International Art and Architecture Festival, and focuses on the idea that, ‘Human identities are both separated and related one to another into a big mosaic that complete the existence and the world culture…’

An enhanced version of Girl in Suitcase will be performed on 4th August at the opening at Venice Art House, again in Italian, 20 minutes duration.

April – Architectures of Identities festival, Venice



The Contemporary Venice – Architectures of Identities
is an international art exhibition of photography, video art, installation, painting and performance art, that will be hosted in Venice, in Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, from April 30 to May 19, 2016.

Girl in Suitcase will be performed here in Italian, a condensed version of this year’s show, on Saturday April 30th.

March – Telegraph Hill, London


One woman performance art theatre, about the representation and life cycle of women. Audience can draw performance; expect interaction, disturbance and nudity.

Where girls are born on Earth may determine their chances in life – whether enjoying sex is an option, or how they feel about their bodies.

How free are any of us as women – whether under a veil, or in stilettos and a G-string? This show explores the choices and indignities of being a woman in the 21st Century. The violence that is normal, and the power and pleasure that is possible.

Both raw and disturbing, sensual and beautiful, Girl in Suitcase will engage the audience in the creation of art. An unfolding feminine realm that begins with a naked encounter; the site of the female body.

Saturday 19th March, 7pm, Telegraph Hill Festival

The Old Library, part of Telegraph Hill Centre; for map, see here

See here for tickets; £4 – £8


Photographs by https://www.instagram.com/smokysushi/



May – Norwich

With Esther and Lidia; enhanced physical theatre version, expanded Enchantress scene


March – Telegraph Hill, London

With Esther, Ursula and Sabine; Isis belly dancing with her wings, Ursula’s poetry, and recorded music featuring Dead Can Dance, Beethoven, The Beatles, Lydia Lunch and Bananarama.


See a review of this show here, by Steve Ritter

Link to listing of this show, on Evensi


June – Hampstead, London

With Esther and Ursula; live musicians on strings and percussion; bodypainting and movement poses


March – Telegraph Hill, London

With Esther and live musicians –

Link to listing of this show by Hampstead School of Art


See a review of this show here, by Hayley Hare


August – Edinburgh and London

With Esther and Jackie Loudon; Mother and daughter drama, with audience drawing performers, recorded music

At The Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Leith on Fringe) for 3 nights as well as in London.

The below film was recorded at one of the performances in Edinburgh.


Link to article relating to this show, on Ragged University site, who invited Girl in Suitcase to Edinburgh



March – Telegraph Hill, London

With Esther and Szilvi; the first version was a two woman physical theatre piece about going on a journey to rectify the past. Began with life model/trafficked woman emerging from suitcase, tortured by demonic art tutor. Recorded music featuring Bela Bartok; no actual life drawing.

Here are the opening scenes from rehearsal:


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